Engine is Low On Power

The most common cause is due to the air filters not being serviced properly and due to exhaust leaks. The filter may look clean, but it’s plugging off from oil film from the exhaust.

TS-14 Transmission Problems for CLT-3461 Allison

One of the biggest problems customers have with TS-14’s is the transmission (CLT-3461 or CLT-3341). Sometimes they lose 3 or 4 transmissions before they find out why. Most of the time at their expense due to maintenance issues. I am going to list some things to check if you have had a transmission go bad:

  1. First item to check is your shift linkage. Shift linkage is the number one cause of a failed transmission. To check your shift linkage you can hook a air hose up to the air tanks from a air compressor so the machine is not running for safety purposes. Have someone get up in the operators compartment and one person in place to check the clevis pin and adjustment. Have the operator go through the gears from Reverse through 6th gear (or Reverse 2 through 4 if it is a older machine) and make sure the clevis pin is always loose in each range. If it is not, then you need to adjust Item #12 length by breaking loose #11 and turning the clevis in our out. Go through the gears again. Make sure you go through the gears from 6th through Reverse in the same fashion. There are a few wear items to check that cause a shift linkage to go out of adjustment.
    • Item #13 (Image Below)  Lever. Make sure where the clevis goes into it, that it is not worn.
    • Item #8 Pin Assembly (mount for the Shift Cylinder. Pull the shaft out and make sure the shaft is smooth and has no grooves or wear.
    • Item #3 Bearing. Be sure the bearings do not have any wear to them. You can usually tell if #8 and #3 have any wear by moving the shift cylinder side to side to see if it has any slop.
  2. Make sure you drain the air tanks daily to keep the oil and sludge out of the Shift Tower and Shift Cylinders. Check your shift tower to be sure it doesn’t have any air bypassing. You may need to re-seal your shift tower and both shift cylinders. Also, if you have changed shift cylinders or towers lately, you will want to make sure they are a matched set. There is a new style and old style tower and old and new style cylinder. The new style tower ends with a -4 and the old style is a -2. The new style cylinder will have a solid mount or casting where the bolts go through to mount to #8. The old style has ears. Click here to download the Service Bulletin for the Shift-Tower to help with the different styles and some notes we have made.
  3. Be sure to also flush or change your transmission cooler or view our warranty sheet that walks you through how to do this. Transmission-Warranty-3461

NOTE – The diagram below may not be the correct part number for your machine, this is for part reference only.